We Are


Kitchen Teams

Our Soup Kitchen is made up of different church teams from across the Ealing borough. These churches are:

Ealing Abbey
St Stephen's, Ealing
St Paul's, Ealing
St Mary's, Ealing
Haven Green Baptist, Ealing
ECC, Ealing
Hanwell Methodist

Our Services

Monday Ealing Evening Hub - serves food/refreshments, games & music.
7 - 9pm - Salvation Army Hall, 6 Leeland Road, W13 9HH.

Friday Hub - refreshments, advice, clothes/haircuts.
1 - 3:30pm - The Crypt, St John's Mattock Lane W13 9LA

Sat / Sun Ealing Soup Kitchen - soup/dinner/dessert.
3:30 - 5pm. Church Room, St Johns, Mattock Lane, W13 9LA.

Enquiries: ealingsoupkitchen at gmail dot com

Our Staff

As of 2014, the current worker is Andrew Mcleay. He works alongside volunteers who facilitate the Friday Hub, Monday evening & the weekend Soup Kitchen teams.

Besides homelessness, Andrew's passions are painting, exploring new parts of London, music & photography.