Friday Hub August 26, 2022

After a few weeks off, I am back, and the Friday Hub was buzzing today. Lots of clients kept us busy and on our toes. Our clients needed advice on welfare, housing, and problems ranging from help to open a bank account, help to find out why their bank account closed a month after opening, help with DWP payments and, of course, help in getting housing.
There was also a queue of people who wanted mobile phones; thanks to Ruth and others who donated mobile phones both last week and this week, there was no one who needed a mobile phone who did not get one.

The meal cook by our chef Andrew today was meatballs with potato and pasta, and a vegetable dish of potatoes, cheese and veg, a bowl of salad went down very good. For afters, the clients enjoyed freshly baked bread n butter pudding and baked plum served with cream baked by our chef and volunteers.

Today’s enjoyable menu was courtesy of our beneficiary, William Hobbayne Charity, who paid in advance for one day’s meal for a whole year.
A couple of new volunteers joined us today. Abihail and Leo, and all volunteers did an exceptional job.

The clients received many little treats courtesy of The Felix Project and City Harvest, and the clients received a food parcel. We thank both for helping us to give food parcels to the clients.

After my time off, I can genuinely say it is good to be back, not that I stopped for my phone and email did not get the opportunity to rest.
Thank you to all who answered the clarion call and brought in many clothes. I will be putting a halt on taking in clothes for a while due to storage space.
But I do require toiletry, shampoo, shower gel, deodorants, and men’s briefs/boxers. Don’t hesitate to contact me, Angela, on 07803728288 if you can help with these items.
Thank you, everyone; as always, we can achieve Social value in our community—all of us together, God, the churches, the communities, volunteers and the local businesses.
Showers were on offer and used by many, and Ann, our foot care person, was at hand to tend to our client’s weary feet.

Please enjoy the pictures taken by Devinder, who joined us last week.

Coming soon – workshop

Ealing Soup Kitchen is more than just a soup kitchen, and plans are in place to extend to a workshop; with that in mind, we will have a speaker in September to provide practical help to sufferers of agoraphobia and those suffering from fear-based problems. Watch out for the flyer coming out soon with the info.

Angela Doreen